Policy Insight at your Fingertips: The Launch of The Georgetown Public Policy Review Online at http://www.gppr.org

The Georgetown Public Policy Review, the student-run academic journal of the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, proudly announces the launch of The Online Review. The new Web site, www.gppr.org, supported by a 24-member writing staff and a community of bloggers, features insightful, innovative policy commentary in a format accessible to anyone interested in the public policies that shape our world.

“As more people turn to the Internet for news and information, The Online Review is a perfect complement to our respected print journal,” said Joanna Mikulski, Editor in Chief of The Review. “It’s allows us to give voice to a new and exciting generation of writers — in particular, the students at the Georgetown Public Policy Institute.”

“The launch could not be coming at a more opportune time,” said Glenn Kates, Managing Editor of The Review. “Technology brings us access to information more quickly than ever before. The Review can now use the Internet to connect the intricacies of the policy process to those most affected by it.”

The Online Review offers substantive, timely policy analysis and diverse perspectives on current issues. As it sheds new light on important subjects that often miss the attention of the media, The Online Review serves as a valuable resource for students, faculty, practitioners and journalists. It covers a full range of public policy issues. Interested in economic development in Africa?  Check out Kehinde Togun’s inside look at progress in Nigeria. Concerned about energy markets? Peruse Alison Partin’s analysis of gas prices and elasticity or read about a cross-country trip on E85 fuel. Searching for insight into the local policy-making process? Pore over Matthew Butram’s description of the events that led to the decision to build the new Metro line through Tyson’s Corner, VA above ground instead of below. These stories, and many like them, appear on the pages of The Online Review.

Additionally, The Online Review’s blog features the diverse opinions of practitioners and academics engaged in the policy field.  Readers of the blog can expect to find personal accounts of experiences within international NGOs, witty outtakes from the complex world of energy regulation, and true stories from employees of federal agencies, such as the DEA.

The Online Review can be accessed at: www.gppr.org

For more information on the groundbreaking launch please contact:

Glenn Kates, Managing Editor at (202) 557-8379

You can email the Georgetown Public Policy Review Online at gpprevw@georgetown.edu.


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