Entitlements in the Obama Administration

The results of last week’s election suggest that there will be a sharp shift in domestic policy during the tenure of the Obama administration. With a decisive win for both the presidency and Congress, Democrats have the ability to pass sweeping legislation that will reshape American domestic policy.

The area where the Obama administration will likely have the strongest domestic policy impact is through entitlement programs such as health care, unemployment, and college subsidies. In the week since the election, we have already seen the President-elect speak out in favor of extending unemployment benefits and food stamps. Similarly, with many out of work and the majorities that the Democrats have in both the House and Senate, it is possible that national health insurance reform may be passed rather quickly. The dismal economy and credit crisis could also lead to the expansion of student financial aid as many educators fear that their students will be unable to secure student loans next year.

We can look to the new Obama administration to provide a sweeping change in the political direction of domestic policy. Due to the economy and the support of the American people, it is safe to assume that Democrats will push an agenda that could result in a historic period of government expansion and recovery. However, with the massive debt accumulated by the Bush administration and limited resources, it is unknown how much of the agenda can be implemented.


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