Fundraising for Project Honduras Underway

Students from Project Honduras depart in less than 3 months and preparations are underway to ensure that the students have the resources needed to execute their planned projects . There are several fundraising activities planned for this semester, such as the GPPI annual service auction on February 26th.  Members of the community will have the opportunity to bid on prizes such as lunch with a world renowned economist, a day at the shooting range, and a tour of the Capitol building. Students are in the process of collecting donated goods and services to auction off to students, alumni and members of the community. All proceeds from these events will go directly to the Roatan community.

The Project is also collecting donations of needed supplies. Through a series of donation drives, students are collecting school and dental supplies to help improve the health and education of local students. Specifically, Project Honduras has been requesting toothbrushes, materials to teach English to Spanish speakers and basic school supplies which local residents may not be able to afford. For more information about these events, or to make a tax-deductible donation to any of these activities, please contact Igor Kheyfets at


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