Comment on Proposition 8 and the Education Debate

Proposition 8 and the Education Debate

by Nithya Joseph | January 27, 2009

Currently in California, heated debate after the November 4th referendum on Proposition 8 is ongoing and relentless. Proposition 8, which specif[ies] that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California1, passed with approximately a 52% majority2. Opponents of the proposition are up in arms, and protests of thousands of people have already been held across the state.

One might easily be confused as to why the voters of California, typically seen as progressive, would favor amending its constitution to eliminate same sex marriage. Although there are many factors, some analysts believe a major reason why the proposition passed had to do with education3. Although education is never mentioned in the proposition itself, supporters of the ban drew links to public education during the campaign.

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