Fall-Winter 2005-6, Volume 11, Number 1

“The Race to Own the World
International Development & Public Policy

Guest Editorial
Vijaya Ramachandran

Who Owns the US? Alice Rivlin in Conversation with John Snow
Jonathan Kivell

Unions and Employment Growth: Do Unions Increase Unemployment in Industrial and Developing Countries?
Lynda Tran

Impacts of Remittances from the United States on Recipient Latin American Economies
Jose N. Uribe

Three Billion New Capitalists Book Review
Jean-Jacques Dethier

“Worth More than Good Advice” Lessons of Hurricane Katrina for Development in a Changing Climate
Nathan E. Hultman

Forest Law Enforcement and Governance: Resolve Needed from All Sides
Matthew R. Auer, Catherine Karr-Coloque, Jan McAlpine, Bria Doench

Photovoltaics – A Niche-Market Distraction or a Global Energy Solution?
Jessika Ebba Trancik

Church’s Global War Interview with Rev. Robert J. Vitillo, Caritas Internationalis
Daniel Grave

The Pandemic Still Grows Interview with Richard Feachem, The Global Fund
Glenn Kates

Convergent American and British Anti-Terror Paradigm; Dissonant Policy Implementation
Alice Poole

The Iranian Dilemma
Mike Bagully

Expanding Microfinance in Promoting Renewable Energy Access in Developing Countries
Shamarukh Mohiuddin




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