The Georgetown Public Policy Review provides an outlet for both innovative new thinkers and established policymakers to offer fresh perspectives on the politics and policies that shape our nation and our world. Based in Washington, D.C., The Review reflects the city that is its home-a place where international and domestic ideas intersect and evolve.

The Online Review is our latest endeavor. Without sacrificing substance, a journalistic approach is applied to stories, creating a format that engages both the practicing wonk and the inquisitive bystander. Readers can expect content to include a wide array of current public policy issues.

Every year since its inception in 1995, our organization has produced an academic journal with articles that investigate public policy issues and promote discourse among members of t he policymaking community. Published twice a year (once in the fall/winter and once in the spring/summer), The Review focuses each issue around a theme chosen in advance, which is addressed with relevant and thoughtful articles, book reviews and interviews. The Online Review has an independent editorial board and accepts submissions throughout the year.

The Review is composed of a 50-member team as well as leading academics and practitioners who provide editorial support. The Online Review staff is composed of a 30-member writing and editing team and updated periodically throughout the academic year.



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